My comments on the Lister diaries

How I use and interpret Lister’s diary sections in this weblog:

As already mentioned this blog will produce some blog posts on Anne Lister’s diary and especially the coded sections which most people will read out better than Lister’s own handwriting as it tends to gets much more difficult to understand as the years go by. In her younger years her diary entires were quite readable, but as she gets older the diaries are full of abbreviations and its hard to interpret written lines that are not made by the code. I only publish my own interpretations of Lister’s diary code – they are of my hand and not from any other published resource or any copyrighted material. They all originate from my own notes on Lister’s diary and I can’t give any guarantee they are 100% correct. If there are any faults to be found, they are mine. If I’m not sure on how to interpret a section or word a (?) will replace the gap. Text I’ve been unable to interpret in the a coded section will be followed by /…/, […] or (…). I only provide a reference to the actual year of the coded section and the page number of the actual Diary.

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