Anne Lister’s Final European travels and entering Russia, 1839

In this post I list the cities Anne Lister and Ann Walker visited before they entered Russia in the late autumn of 1839. I’ve built this list upon Muriel Green’s notes and slightly sketchy map published in Miss Lister of Shibden Hall – Selected letters (1992).

There are some inaccuracies in Green’s presentation of the cities. Also, pay attention to the historical circumstances. As they went travelling Norway was a part of the kingdom of Sweden and Finland a part of czarist Russia. I hope to complete this blogpost in the future with dates and so on. There will be a similar list of the Russian travels as well. They set out from Halifax in June 1839.

Halifax, England

Wakefield, England

London, England

Dover, France

Calaïs, France

Ghent, Belgium

Antwerp, Belgium

Breda, Netherlands

Deventer, Netherlands

Nordhorn, Germany

Bremen, Germany

Hamburg, Germany

Kiel, Germany

Copenhagen, Denmark

Helsingborg, Sweden

Halmstad, Sweden

Gothenburg, Sweden

Fredrikstad, Norway

Christiania (Oslo), Norway

Bølkesju, Norway

Gothenburg, Sweden

Lidköping, Sweden

Örebro, Sweden

Falun, Sweden

Uppsala, Sweden

Enköping, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden. According to a letter sent to Vere and written from Moscow 13.01.1840 they left Stockholm Friday the 6th of September 1839 on a steamer bound for Åbo.

Åbo (Turku), Finland

Helsingfors (Helsinki), Finland

Borgå (Porvoo), Finland

Viborg, Finland

St. Petersburg, Russia

Moscow, Russia


Lister, Anne, and Muriel M. Green. 1992. Miss Lister of Shibden Hall: selected letters. Lewes: Book Guild.