Anne Lister and local history

I also wish I was an Anne Lister historian, but sadly I’m not. I first heard of Anne Lister in 2010 and I did a little research into her diaries myself after reading the works of Whitbread, Littleton and Green. Many people has contributed a lot through the history on the life and times of Anne Lister and Shibden Hall. I wish to recommend Malcolm Bull’s Calderdale site which has a lot of information on several families in West Yorkshire area as well as personal biographies and familiy trees. I therefore recommend his site “Malcom Bull’s Calderdale Companion”. Here’s a good link to start your own research:

The Ghosts of Shibden Hall

An interesting blog post concerning old ghosts haunting the Shibden Hall. It also retells the sad story of miss Ann Walker and her time as the owner of the Hall (1841-1848).

Ghosts and Legends of the Lower Calder Valley

Shibden Hall is one of the jewels in Halifax’s heritage crown and amongst Calderdale’s best-known tourist attractions. It is also increasingly one of the most haunted buildings in the area, although despite its antiquity, these ghost appear to be a relatively recent phenomena, unlike the hoary supernatural traditions of other venerable houses nearby in West Yorkshire such as Oakwell Hall at Gomersal or Bolling Hall near Bradford.

Occupation is recorded at the site from 1389 but the oak-timbered H-plan building standing today was originally constructed in 1420 with substantial improvements and additions being made in the 1520s and 1830s. Many have speculated that it was the model for Thrushcross Grange in Emily Brontë’s novel Wuthering Heights. Bronte taught at Law Hill School in Southowram in 1838 and would have been familiar with the Hall.

The hall was owned by the Lister family from 1615 until 1933, when the death of…

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