Jul. 1840 p. 292

This code was first made by hand on a slip of paper by Lister. She later rewrote it into her diary and I’m still trying to decipher it so this post will be updated once again:

From slip of paper. A(nn) so impatient when I say the least thing. Promised to do my best to utter no more about anything. I simply said I would not send out a large (?) and (?) of sugar to the cousine (r?) it was so tempting (?) ” to have the management, do pray let me ” said she crossly. “I will try not to speak again unless you ask me. Well, I shall be very much obliged to you.” Remember.

Jan. 1840 p. 267

Lister & Walker on travel in Russia. In this entry Lister confide another her diary about another argument with Walker. The latter one respond with silence:

On my gently saying how anxious I always was to do her way, she took up a newspaper. I said we could not both leave things undecided. It was a choice of evils. Some things must be done, what would she recommend [?]? Not one word would she utter, spite of all my entreaties so I left her and came to my table. There was one decision still, to return home. How terrible! This speaking I cannot bear! She did so to the people of Halifax. The same game will not do with me. I never can stand it long, what temper! 

dec. 1839 p. 219

Lister confide her diary once more concerning Walker’s behaviour during their stay in Moscow. The secret code reveals that Lister is far from happy with the situation:

Meant to write but A[nn] came, long talk till after twelve. What miserable work! How shall I endure it? I must manage her better or we cannot go on together. I feel as I fit [?] would be heaven to be without her.

Dec. 1839 p. 211

Lister keep track of her letter writings in code and makes another remark on the behaviour of Walker:

and finished the rough draft of my letter to Mr MacKean. A[nn] has taken a thorough dislike to Count P. since Wednesday last ? she staid [sic] in the room but never uttered, she will not be liked here. 

Jan. 1840 p. 275

Lister writes in crypt hand about getting a bath before they continue their journey. An English woman named Grotza in this episode was a maid and married to their German servant. They travelled with Lister & Walker through Russia:

When I went in to her last night she was in her shift being soaped and lathered and then went in to the bath, wish there was no time to prepare for me but her maid afterwards washed me all over head and all and threw hot and cool water on and at me and washed even my queer and thighs! But I took it all right as Grotza was not there.