Jun. 1840 p. 248

Diary entry for June Sunday the 14th., 1840 a coded section. Lister now confide her diary that their quarrels must be well-known to other people around. Lister obviously dreaming about a life without Walker:

A(nn) and I all wrong  (??) the rows speaking it must be known to more than ourselves. How thankful I shall be when the parting is well over.

Jun. 1840 p. 248

A diary page with two separate code strings, one in the beginning of text and one in the middle. Lister & Walker now traveeling in Georgia, code reveal more tensions between the two ladies:

Never spoke, nor she to me beyond the absolute necessaire.

Another string code on the same page:

Feel very grave and little inclined to speak musing. How best to leave her what to do and where to live. At or near Paris, not at Shibden yet awhile she would be far to near.

Jan. 1840 p. 240

Lister & Walker in Moscow, coded entry:

Had A(nn) last night in my little bed and consquently had a wretched night. My own fault. why did I invite her then I (?) before she tarved me by the cold of her own body and by the clothes being small or I being pushed /…/


Febr. 1840 p. 43

Like any other pre-victorian person Anne Lister put her trust in old-fashioned medicine. Making daily careful observances of her own health and especially motions was recorded in her own secret code. A kibitka mentioned in this code, from Russian кибитка (kibítka) was a covered horse drawn carriage from Russia:

Went behind the servants kibitka (i.e., a horse wagon) and did job first time of so managing could not alight the last stage.

Jan. 1840 p. 232

Lister and Walker in Moscow. In this coded entry Lister once again reveal the tensions. In a try to read from a letter to Π( pi=Mariana Lawton) about their journey, Walker once again goes wrong. Lister clearly upset over Ann’s reaction:

Beginning to copy my letter to (pi, i.e Mariana) when had a misgiving so read it to Ann. Wrong considering my opinion on her, wondered about my telling all about us. We had a crying (?) mercy upon me that I cannot even write a letter, I who never was (?) by anyone in my life. I said I had better not she (?) my letters at all then she said that would be very unfair and cried ’tis novel even’ and my whole evening has been spent in talking her into reason . How terrible. Who could guess or believe it? I must escape somehow or other. 

April 1840 p. 146

With only a few months to live another diary entry seem to prove that Lister was not too happy with Walker. Anne’s incurred crosses reveal that in her most private moments her longings is  for someone else:

Incurred a cross thinking of Π.