June 1838 p. 210

Lister confide her diary once more about Walker’s behaviour:

What will A(nn) become, she is very little companionable. Always poorly or out of sorts some way. Wants to be quiet. She is like a millstone round my neck.

May 1838 p. 210

Walker & Lister drinking a bottle. Haven’t found out yet who’s behind the Π (pi) letter in this code, but I’m sure I’ve read it somewhere (probably Mariana Lawton):

We had drunk our bottle of (?) and A(nn) tipsyish without her knowing it and I not inclined for writing – (a line not in code: Mr Moets champagne very good, very fine day F65 at 9.40) – Incurred a cross thinking of Π sitting on chair in my dressing room.

May 1838 p. 192

A tired Lister makes another note on Walker:

A(nn) lay on the sofa. Poorly. Busy getting the boiler to heat water and (?) her… /…/ Then hearing her crying, went to her and gave her cherry brandy. She said her head and neck were bad. She wants more than I can give her. A good strong fellow.

April 1838 p. 141

Anne makes another note on Walker:

Heard her in her room and just went to say I had come to ask her how she was. Poor thing. Her temper had given way and all got right again. All this tiresome wearying work to me, but my mind is made up. I will be the faster (?) or be off (?). She promised to be a good little one and do as I told her. Poor thing. She is little fit to be left to herself.

Dec. 1837 p. 28

Coded entry about Walker. Melvile is probably the Scotish theologian Andrew Melville (1545-1622):

A(nn) came up and because I had got two of Melville’s sermons that she wanted. All wrong and went out in tears. What shall I do with her?